Cultural Events

The cultural association “Prophet Elias” organizes every year and in different seasons cultural events maintaining the local traditions and reviving old customs of the region.

Local Customs: Boubouna-Koulouma

In the last week of the Carnival, the residents of the village set up the “boubouna”, a very big fire and the night of the Carnival’s Εve the fire is lit, accompanied by a music fest and many dishes of the local cuisine are provided to the attendees. On the Carnival day a dance fest is held at the cultural association’s premises. On Clean Monday the locals celebrate the Koulouma on the hill of Prophet Elias where you can taste the dishes the local people eat during the Lent, the most famous being the bean soup and local wine.

The Celebration of the Apostles

It is customary for the village, every June, to celebrate the name day of the Apostles Peter and Paul by setting local feasts. In the last years a traditional feast is organized at the school yard on 29th of June.

Summer Events

Occasioned by the celebration of Prophet Elias on the 20th of July, three-day cultural events take place on the hill of Prophet Elias and in the village’s square. There is a presentation of traditional dances, rebetika music (type of Greek folk music), hiking on the Prophet Elias hill, worship church service and finally the famous traditional feast in the square of Lechovo takes place.