Horse riding and activities in nature

May 20, 2019

Our guesthouse offers organized excursions in cooperation with the activity center Artemis O.E. in Sklithro, so that you can enjoy the natural beauty of our region. Artemis O.E. is an activity center specialized in nature excursions in the areas of Nimfaio, Sklithro and Zazari. The company offers a variety of trips, for any taste: adventurous or relaxing, for family or friends, school trips as long as you want to experience the local nature.

A bicycle ride to the wolfs shelter in Agrapidia, a walk through the fishermen path leading to Lake Zazari, canoeing in its calm waters, climbing an aritificial tower, horse-riding through enchanting mountain trails enjoying the beauty and sounds of the forests will travel you to pictures similar to those of fairy tales.

The region where the activities take place is an ideal destination that also provides the opportunity for hiking, horse-riding, mountain-biking etc. Especially, if you choose hiking you can follow special routes used by soldiers during the Civil War.Artemis O.E. will equip you for any of the activities suggested. The breeding horses in the premises of Artemis will be a unique experience not only for riding but also for creating a special bond with them. There are 30 bikes in total, 6 three-seat canoes and of course all the necessary safety equipment (life vests, helmets). As far as the climbing is concerned, very strict safety rules are followed. Moreover, equipment for archery can be provided as well as for bird-observation. Of course on all of those activities you will be accompanied by experienced and well-trained staff.

For more information please visit the official website of Artemis O.E: