Kastoria: A Charming City

Traditional Spinach Pie of Lechovo
May 20, 2019

Καστοριά - Παραδοσιακός Ξενώνας Λέχοβο

The traditional guesthouse Monopati is located in Lechovo, a village 38 kilometers far from the city of Kastoria (a 44-minute drive). Kastoria is worth visiting since it has always been a tourist attraction for many years. Following you may find the best sights in the city of Kastoria and the surrounding region.

The lake tour

The lake of Kastoria has been awarded with the titles “Natura 2000” and “Natural Beauty Monument”. The best way to explore the city is by taking a little tour around the lake. There are two possible routs: a small one, which is 7 kilometers long, and a big one which is 30 kilometers long. Either on foot, by car or by bike (rentals are available) you will be overwhelmed by its idyllic beauty and tranquility. Strolling through the shaded by beech and plane trees promenade alongside the imposing lake scenery will be an unforgettable experience.

The Dragon’s Cave

During your lake tour, don’t forget to make a stop by the Dragon’s Cave, where you will have the opportunity to see underground lakes with astonishing stalactites and stalagmites.

The Monastery of Panagia Mavriotissa

In Kastoria you can also discover Byzantine treasures, one of them being the church of Panagia Mavriotissa, built in 1802. You will be impressed by the murals depicting Byzantine Emperors that decorate both the interior and exterior of the monastery.


Doltso is a picturesque, old neighborhood with mansion houses and neoclassical buildings based on the Macedonian architecture. Enjoy a nice walk through the paved paths that will take you back in time.


While in Doltso you may also visit the Museum of the Macedonian Struggle where you will be informed about the Greek fights for the liberation of Macedonia. In Kastoria a lot of mansions have been converted into museums, such as the Folk Art museum housed in Neratzi Aivazi’s mansion or the Costume Museum housed in the Emmanouil brothers’ mansion. Finally, if interested in Byzantine culture you should pay a visit to the Byzantine Art Museum, located in Dexameni square, where you can admire a big exhibition of Byzantine and Post-Byzantine religious icons and artifacts.


In Kastoria you will have the opportunity to visit the largest freshwater aquarium in the Balkans. Housed in a 450-square-meter building, the aquarium hosts and protects endangered fish and aquatic species of the country and Balkans in general. The Environmental Education Center of the region is also in the same building.


In a distance five kilometers away from the Chloe suburb lies the Aposkepos neighborhood. There, in the paved square, under the plane trees you will enjoy a panoramic view of the city.

The lakeside neighborhood of Dispilio

Only 4 kilometers away from Kastoria you will find the first open-air house museum of Greece. In the 30s, due to lowered water-tables of the lake the local people noticed some wooden poles which indicated a housing settlement pre-existence. The archeological dig brought into surface a Neolithic Age settlement which dates back to 5500 BC. A visit to Dispilio is like a time machine to 7500 years ago and the people’s lifestyle back then.